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Our Story

Inca Plant Nutrition brings the mystical power of growth from the Andes to your plants.  Whatever it is you are growing, our superior substrate is engineered to yield superior results and overall better plant development.

Our story is as unique as our products and deeply rooted in environmentally sustainability and social responsibility values. The Inca Plant Nutrition fertilizers and substrates are a byproduct of efforts to clean up the fresh water supply for local communities living around the Daule Peripa Reservoir in Ecuador. In the early 2000's, as an environmental initiative supported by governmental agencies, we began cleaning up the Daule Peripa Reservoir by extracting enormous amounts of the Amazon Basin native aquatic plants commonly known as Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes), which plagued the Reservoir by affecting local transportation and potable water.

Water Purity

As the aquatic plant was extracted and naturally composted, it was soon noticed that given the unique geological conditions of the Duale Peripa Resevoir, mainly due to the purity of its water, along with the unique characteristics of Water Hyacinth, including high water absorption rates, the plant had extremely effective fertilizer capabilities.

Powerful plant food

In fact, it was soon discovered that when processed and treated correctly the plant could be transformed into powerful nutritional organic plant food. After a decade of research and development, we have achieved optimal results for clients around the world as well as assembled international stamps of approval from the most prestigious agriculture agencies and organic certifiers.

Superior Result

We have harnessed the nutritional properties of this special aquatic plant to deliver superior results to our client's growing operations including improved soil structure, healthier roots and foliage, and higher savings and crop yield.

The product

The Inca Plant Nutrition Substrate (IPN Substrate) is the ideal alternative for commonly used coconut coir and peat moss for all growing mediums. Our product provides more efficient water retention properties necessary for the optimal growth of plants in their early stages. The main comparative advantages of our product, versus conventional coconut coir, lies in natural occurring phytohormones and embedded high levels of nutrients, micro and macro organisms which enable higher yield and a more productive operation across all growing stages.

The IPN Substrate is also a sterile planting medium, which means that it does not contain harmful pathogens or weed seeds. Combined with its high absorbency rate and slow release, IPN Substrate makes it ideal for starting seedlings and an essential component in most seed starting mixes.

The Benefits

  • Excellent structure results is improved aeration in root zone
  • Contains humic and fulvic acids increasing crop nutrient uptake
  • Conditions the soil for more efficient use of fertilizers
  • Detoxifies soil that may be contaminated with chemical products
  • Excellent source of organic matter
  • Promotes abundant populations of beneficial aerobic soil microorganisms
  • Easy to wet without dry spots
  • Neutral pH for optimal plant growth
  • High water holding capacity with slow release and exceptional capillary action
  • Weed free, attracts earthworms
  • Promotes healthier roots and more rapid and dense root growth
  • Can be re-used after harvest to improve soil structure
  • Slow breakdown with excellent nutrient and water holding capacity
  • Stable pH and EC
  • Contains hygroscopic properties ideal for drought conditions

product application

The IPN Substrate is not delivered in dry compressed bricks, which are actually detrimental to the customer as it adds labor to the customer's growing processes by requiring rehydration prior to use. Instead, IPN values simplicity and delivers its products ready for use with ease of application and rehydration.

The use of IPN Substrate avoids situations that are conducive to pathogen growth and soil compaction, unlike other organic materials. Soil compaction is damaging to gardens and reduces water absorption and plant growth. Given our product is plant based it is able to remain springy when it is wet and rehydrates easily.

Dry, sandy soils benefit from adding IPN Substrate in retaining moisture, and improving drainage that prevents compaction in dry and wet soils alike. These qualities make our product particularly useful in vegetable gardens, where extremes of dry and wet can negatively impact the growth and production of vegetables. The moisture retaining quality of IPN's Substrate also reduces the need for frequent watering, which makes it doubly valuable, and unlike peat moss, it does not cause environmental concerns associated with sphagnum.

You can make your own seed starting mix by mixing IPN Substrate with other soils or by making an IPN Substrate based potting soil and adding fertilizer and vermiculite.


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If you are interested in trying out the IPN Substrate or have any questions about the product and/or the company, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.